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I'm a children's book author, illustrator, and part-time butterfly wrangler who enjoys designing origami and paper models for kids.


Meet Roxy and Grogu!

They're my burping studio assistants, and the inspiration for some of my characters. Watch our Procreate (illustration) and origami folding videos here.

Let's Talk Books!

Or art. Or about growing up as a nerd interested in science and nature.

I'm available for school visits and conference presentations.


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Latest Books

Brave Mrs. Sato
By Lori Matsukawa
Illustrated by Tammy Yee
Chin Music Press

Emmy-award winning journalist and TV anchor Lori Matsukawa's debut children's book Brave Mrs. Sato tells a heartwarming story of intergenerational friendship, immigration, and bravery. She shows readers how heritage, food, traditions, and stories can help them feel at home wherever they are.
Wake Up, Mermaids!
By Tammy Yee
BeachHouse Publishing

Wake up with three keiki mermaids and join their daily routine in Hawaii's underwater world. After brushing their teeth, combing their hair, and making their beds, they're off to swim with seals and sing with whales...all except one sleepy mermaid.
The Angel of Santo Tomas ~
The Story of Fe del Mundo

By Tammy Yee
Tumblehome Inc.

"A lovely and inspiring biography of a benevolent, innovative female Asian doctor."    — KIRKUS REVIEWS

At the start of WWII, Fe faces a choice: should she remain in Boston, where she is safe, or return to the Philippines, where she is needed most?
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