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I'm a children's book author and illustrator and a part-time butterfly wrangler. When I'm not working on books, I enjoy designing origami and paper models for kids.


Meet Roxy, the bulldog!

She's my burping, drooling studio assistant. She's also the inspiration for some of my characters. Together we post photos and videos that show how my books are made.

Let's Talk Books!

Or art. Or about growing up as a nerd interested in science and nature.

I'm available for school visits, conference presentations, and environmental origami, crafts and activities.

Latest Books

The Angel of Santo Tomas
By Tammy Yee
Tumblehome Inc.

Fe del Mundo's sister dreamt of becoming a doctor — a big dream for a girl in the Philippines in the early 1900s. When her sister dies, young Fe vows to take her place, a promise she carries with her the rest of her life. In 1936 she becomes the first woman and first person of Asian descent to study at Harvard Medical School. When WWII begins in the Pacific, Fe faces a choice: remain in Boston, where she is safe, or return to the Philippines, where she is needed most. Fe follows her vision and returns home to care for the American and British children forced into the internment camp at Santo Tomas.
Escape Greenland
By Ellen Prager
With art by Tammy Yee
Tumblehome Inc.

Ezzy Skylar has inherited some of her geologist mother's daring along with her collection of special scarves. Now, along with her surgeon father and ten-year-old brother Luke, she has embarked on a trip to Greenland's Kangia Icefjord. But something isn't right.
Rainforests and Reefs
By Tammy Yee
Windword Books

From the mountains to the sea, make learning fun at home or on the go. A variety of activities and puzzles teach children about tropical wildlife and conservation. Featuring mazes, mandalas, spot the difference, word seek, and more. With 14 bonus paper projects including masks, paper bag puppets, and origami. Links to instructional videos guide children through the paper projects.

River Rescue
By Jennifer Keats Curtis
Illustrated by Tammy Yee
Arbordale Publishing

Shark Patrol
By Ron Hirschi
Illustrated by Tammy Yee
Mutual Publishing

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The Castle That Kai Built
By Tammy Yee
Island Heritage Publishing


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