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I'm a children's book author and illustrator and a part-time butterfly wrangler. When I'm not working on books, I enjoy designing origami and paper models for kids.


Meet Roxy, the bulldog!

She's my burping, drooling studio assistant. She's also the inspiration for some of my characters. Together we post photos and videos that show how my books are made.

Let's Talk Books!

Or art. Or about growing up as a nerd interested in science and nature.

I'm available for school visits, conference presentations, and environmental origami, crafts and activities.


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News and Events - Mark Your Calendars!


Join me for Keiki Story Time at da Shop Books + Curiosities! I'll be reading The Angel of Santo Tomas and other local favorites, with a craft activity and book signing to follow.

The Angel of Santo Tomas is the perfect gift to inspire children to pursue science and medicine with the heart to help others. It tells the story of the courageous Dr. Fe del Mundo, a filipino woman who overcame hardships to become a pediatrician and humanitarian.

I'll also be happy to answer questions about how I write and illustrate my books! Hope to see you there!

da Shop | 3565 Harding Ave. Honolulu, Hawaii | 808-421-9460 | info@dashophnl.com

Mahalo (thank you) to Children's Literature Hawaii (CLH) for inducting me into their Hall of Fame! I am moved and humbled by the support of my colleagues and friends.

CLH has supported children's literature and kidlit authors and illustrators through the years with programs for educators, children and families to "experience, interpret, and create children's literature through activities such as reading, storytelling, art, drama, song, and scholarly discussion."

Visit https://www.childrenslithawaii.org/ to view prerecorded sessions from the 2022 O'ahu Conference, "Envisioning Worlds: Where Words and Images Dance."

The Angel of Santo Tomas ~ The Story of Fe del Mundo

If you missed the Tumbleocity STEM online event about The Angel of Santo Tomas, you can view it below:

Latest Books

The Angel of Santo Tomas ~
The Story of Fe del Mundo

By Tammy Yee
Tumblehome Inc.

Fe del Mundo's sister dreamt of becoming a doctor—a big dream for a girl in the Philippines in the early 1900s. When her sister dies, Fe vows to take her place and becomes the first woman and first person of Asian descent to study at Harvard Medical School. At the start of WWII she leaves Boston, where she is safe, and returns to the Philippines, where she is needed most, to care for American and British children forced into an internment camp at Santo Tomas.
Escape Greenland
By Ellen Prager
With art by Tammy Yee
Tumblehome Inc.

Ezzy Skylar has inherited some of her geologist mother's daring along with her collection of special scarves. Now, along with her surgeon father and ten-year-old brother Luke, she has embarked on a trip to Greenland's Kangia Icefjord. But something isn't right.
The Castle That Kai Built
By Tammy Yee
Island Heritage Publishing

What happens when Kai the mermaid and her loyal pet anglerfish build a castle under the sea? They are joined by a rollicking cast of sea creatures—including a mischievous octopus, a school of jellyfish and playful dolphins—whose wild antics stir up trouble.
River Rescue
By Jennifer Keats Curtis
Illustrated by Tammy Yee
Arbordale Publishing

When oil spills, workers hurry to clean the land and water. But oil spills can also affect every animal that lives in the area. Who helps these wild animals?
Shark Patrol
By Ron Hirschi
Illustrated by Tammy Yee
Mutual Publishing

Young Kai and Lehua hop aboard the SS Scoutabout for an adventure of a lifetime, and discover that all is not well for some sharks. Together, they make plans to help the sharks and the ocean they live in.

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Rainforests and Reefs
By Tammy Yee
Windword Books

From the mountains to the sea, make learning fun at home or on the go. A variety of activities and puzzles teach children about tropical wildlife and conservation. Featuring mazes, mandalas, spot the difference, word seek, and more.

Featured Books About Hawaii

A True Princess of Hawaii
By Beth Greenway
Illustrated by Tammy Yee
Arbordale Publishing

Nani has always dreamed of being a princess. When a real Hawaiian princess comes to her hometown of Hilo, Nani dresses in her best clothes. But as she watches Princess Luka, who has come to save the town from a volcanic lava flow, Nani learns that there is more to being a princess than fine clothes. A story of kindness and generosity based on the historical events of the 1880 eruption of Mauna Loa on the Island of Hawai'i and the real-life Princess Luka.
A is for Aloha
By U'ilani Goldsberry
Illustrated by Tammy Yee
Sleeping Bear Press
Completing Sleeping Bear Press' acclaimed Discover America State by State series is A is for Aloha: AHawaii Alphabet. The landscape of Hawaii is as exotic as its history and people. Written and illustrated by native Hawaiians, U'ilani Goldsberry and Tammy Yee, Ais for Aloha is a lovingly created introduction to one of the most-visited places on Earth. From the meaning of the word aloha to the plight of the state bird author U'ilani Goldsberry answers questions that most Malihinis have about this lush multi-island paradise.
The Tsunami Quilt
By Anthony D. Fredericks
Illustrated by Tammy Yee
Sleeping Bear Press

April 1, 1946 - an enormous tsunami wave strikes Hilo, Hawai'i. Young Kimo loves his grandfather very much - but there is one story his grandfather has yet to share and that is the reason behind their yearly pilgrimage to Laupahoehoe Point. Evocative writing by award-winning children's book author Anthony D. Fredericks brings this tragic event from Hawaiian history to present-day reality for young readers today.
Malia in Hawaii
By Karyn Hopper
Illustrated by Tammy Yee
Mutual Publishing

Malia in Hawaii is the story of a little girl with a long name, and an even longer list of things she likes to eat and do. Join Malia Sachi Ging Ging Lee as she explores the food and fun of her Hawaii home.
Iki, the Littlest 'Opihi
By Tammy Yee
Island Heritage Publishing

Our story follows Iki, the littlest 'Opihi. Iki understands the duties of his kind: 'opihi stick together no matter what, but Iki doesn't feel like settling down and seeks adventures in the open ocean. One day, an 'opihi picker visits Iki's rock. Will he finally be able to "stick to it?"
Baby Honu's Incredible Journey
By Tammy Yee
Island Heritage Publishing

Baby Honu has just hatched from his egg. Will he find the courage to face sand crabs and sea birds on his perilous journey to the sea? And what wondrous creatures will he encounter in the ocean? Learn about the life of a baby Pacific green sea turtle as he faces ocean predators in this riveting adventure from the nest to the open ocean. A glossary teaches children about Hawaiian marine life.
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